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    Aug 22, 2004
    This stove appears to be similar to the 99 however it comes with a full size silent burner and the aluminium case is slightly larger than the 99.

    The tank is similar to the 8R and 99 but the windshield is unique to the 199.

    I added the restrictor and the nipple so that it could be used with spirit if the buyer wanted

    1236447995-199_Ass_opt.jpg 1236448039-199_stove_opt.jpg 1236448069-199_fla_opt.jpg 1236448102-199_heatshield_opt.jpg 1236448122-199_case_opt.jpg

    The stove had the correct pan lifter which is unusual as they are often replaced with a standard pan lifter after the original is lost. The original is shorter than a standard one and has rectangular perforations down the handle. They show on the stove photo but I forgot to photograph the pan lifter before I sold the stove

    The stove was tested with paraffin although the stove is a multifuel stove burning paraffin, white gas and spirit. The standard nipple is suitable for paraffin or white gas (Colemans fuel or Aspen 4T)

    Regards Bryan
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