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  1. Dutch_Peter

    Jul 30, 2012
    The Optimus 535 posted yesterday (https://classiccampstoves.com/threads/22843) by Niels Chr. Inspired me to post some pictures of my Optimus 535 A :D
    It runs on Alcohol (hence 535A 8) ). I thought it was quite rare because there are only a few Optimus 535’s on CCS in the “Optimus > Other Models” section. Then I found out it’s actually a re-branded Primus 535 which is well represented on CCS ... Anyhow it burns just fine and I was looking for a two-burner Optimus, couldn’t find a 22 and then ran into this one, which I bought ofcourse :D

    It burns well, although not as hot as a paraffin stove. Priming is easy, since it runs on alcohol; just pump, open the valve, close the valve 8) and light.

    There’s something off with the burners: It only gave a weak flame when opening the gas a little. Any more gas and it blew itself out. After a good search on CCS :D I found this post https://classiccampstoves.com/posts/14923 indicating to close 2 of the 4 air vents with bolts. Now it burns well after closing 2 holes with bolts. Could this be a design flaw? Or is it missing parts, or fitted with some “kero” parts?

    Please see the pictures, including the bolts in the burner vents and I’ve got a nice white pan that goes well with the stove :D
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    No, You don't seem to be missing any parts. But by your 5th photo it seems that the air regulator inside the cap may be rusted closed. that mushroom top must free float within the cap to regulate the amount of air to the burner. Seperate the mushroom from the inner cap and wire brush all the rust off. reassemable and check to see if it moves freely. Remove bolts, then fire up. You should see a big difference.