Optimus 85 loke unfired

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  1. theyellowdog

    Mar 10, 2008
    Optimus 85 loke
    Steel tank
    Pumped up with a mini pump (imho this pump is too small for the job but I guess it reduces weight).
    Pots similar to the optimus 81 trapper
    Stand similar to the purple flame
    It is a fairly bulky set up, ideal group cooking.

    1295134884-optimus_85_loke_002_640x480.jpg 1295134817-optimus_85_loke_001_640x480.jpg 1295134955-optimus_85_loke_003_640x480.jpg 1295135029-optimus_85_loke_004_640x480.jpg 1295135067-optimus_85_loke_005_640x480.jpg 1295135276-optimus_85_loke_006_640x480.jpg 1295135316-optimus_85_loke_007_640x480.jpg
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