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  1. blaze

    Jun 1, 2012
    Hello All

    i recently acquired this little beauty when it arrived it was so full of carbon and stale fuel that it wouldn't light. i used a drill to remove the wick it was so full of carbon that had set like concrete. i replaced the wick tank seal and graphite packing and flushed every thing through. here are the results the first run after a clean up i hop you enjoy the photos

    best wishes Blaze

    1348341899-1.jpg 1348341920-2.jpg 1348341944-3.jpg 1348341960-4.jpg 1348341970-5.jpg
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    Jan 1, 2006
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    Because of the time this was posted, this reminds me of that great sex pistols album "Never mind the B0££07$.
    Threads like this are what make CCS. :thumbup:
  3. Doc Mark

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    Dec 12, 2004
    Hi, Blaze,

    Well done, Sir, and I'm sorry I missed this when you first posted it!! Your work was spot on, and the results speak for themselves!! Thanks for the great photos, too! Enjoy your little 99, and thanks, again, for sharing it with us! Take care, and God Bless!

    Every Good Wish,
  4. Nordicthug

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    Oct 31, 2004
    Hi Blaze,

    You've done better with your 99 than I have with mine. Apparently I'm going to have to detail strip mine to find it's illness. It lights, but won't run correctly. I suspect an oversized fuel orifice. I'll cannibilize a 123 I've got that's missing it's flame spreader plate.

    I did notice you've left the key on the regulator stem. Have you got your first case of "Svea Thumb" yet? I can be a bit thick at times so it took two "brandings" before I learned not to leave the key on the spindle. That was with my much loved old 123 non R that I purchased with my first Co-op (now REI) dividend in '66 or '67. I learned a healthy respect for that key early on. I still have and use that stove.

    I got my 99 off a Craigslist ad two and a half years ago for $10.00. Still haven't got it to "listen to reason" The darn thing's as flighty as a teen age girl friend.

    The crusty carbon virus is almost always caught from an owner who either can't read or experiments with the stove and attempts to burn something other than Coleman fuel (white gasoline, petroleum naptha) in it. I've seen people try kerosene, diesel fuel, paint thinner, alcohol, and turpentine.

    I was camping at Copper Lake in the Cascades forty or so years ago. A couple in a nearby camp were not having a good time. It was raining, they couldn't get a fire started and their 99 was a paper weight for all the good it was. I went over with a pot of fresh coffee and asked what the trouble was. They showed me a pristine 99, they'd had for less than a week. I opened the fuel cap and sniffed. Kerosene. I helped them lay a fire, poured the kero on and got it going. Then I went to my pack for my flask of Coleman fuel. A quick rinse, filled the tank with CF, primed with same and lit the stove. It, of course, worked perfectly. My poo didn't stink around there for the rest of the weekend. That's what reading the instructions will do for you.

    Time was the instruction sheet with any pressure stove or petrol self pressurizer from Primus, Optimus, or Svea had the instructions printed in 20 or 25 lannguages on a broadsheet the size of a double newspaper page. It was nearly as much fun as running the stoves.

    AKA Nordicthug