Parasene 1/2 Pint Leak

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    Dec 1, 2014
    This Parasene 1/2 pint has a different base to my other Parasene 1/2 pint stove, in that it has no attached legs and 3 dimples underneath that are the legs.
    Anyway, a few years ago I had a mishap removing the pump tube NRV and had to remove the base to repair things. It's all back together now but despite a dunk test showing no visible air leaks there are a few exceptionally small ones I believe at the area indicated.

    20201128_163646 - Copy.jpg

    Any suggestions for repair? Tank sealer or perhaps some sort of liquid thread sealer pushed in. Last option, possibly best is soldering but I would have to use a small iron as I don't want the heat from a large flame damaging the inside of the fount in the same vicinity.

    Very happy to get any thoughts.


    20201128_095153 - Copy.jpg

    20201128_095212 - Copy.jpg
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    @Sedgman I agree that re-soldering the joint would be best. I use wet (water) strips of paper kitchen roll draped over parts I don’t want to de-solder.

    I’ve successfully used POR15 tank sealer on badly stress cracked tanks and even if you don’t use that expensive product but maybe a thin epoxy solution poured through the filler cap, tank propped up on its circumference, pump tube down, it’s vital that the tank interior is flushed and prepped to remove every particle of grime and fuel residue or the sealant won’t stick.