Parasene half-pint stove with full size silent burner.

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    Jun 3, 2014
    stove plate.jpg

    A recent purchase that provided me with some frustration!

    it arrived with a top plate and instructions. I always try the stove as it arrives before trying and remedial works, I have had reasonable success and often only need to replace the filler cap seal


    on this one I could get no tank pressure so out with the fettlebox kit, none of the filler cap seals fitted well, the one now fitted required a fair bit of stretching to get over the barrel of the threads

    parasene filler.jpg

    as you can see it's in a pretty poor state

    parasene filler reverse.jpg

    with the seal fitted you can still see the seal 'hugging' the thread barrel

    I had significant trouble getting the NRV out to change the pip (suspected due the low pressure), unfortunately the head is now a little damaged but it has differing threads for the ones I have 'in stock' from juliands, 4.5mm pip replaced and also added a lead seal from fettlebox, this required a good amount of persuasion to get over the thread and was quite irregular in shape when I managed wit brute force and ignorance, no seal was visible in the pump tube so suspect it was rammed home to overcome the lack of seal

    parasene pump cup.jpg

    the pump cup appears to be the same size as a 96 but I am getting the occasional 'empty' stroke, the pump tube measures ~14mm (9/16), it requires reshaping a little too often

    parasene pump rod.jpg

    still no pressure, washing up liquid around filler cap shows bubbles still, grrrrr

    I had a sleep on this, the filler cap neck with it's ring groove was in good condition so suspected the seal was not coming into full contact with the filler neck, in the picture above of the filler cap you can see the seal is quite a long way down in the cap so I fitted a riser fibre washing behind it to bring the seal nearer the top of the cap, and...

    its alive.jpg

    a very impressive output bringing my whistling kettle to the boil very promptly, it is has somewhat of a drunken tilt and the un-butted feet screech along the counter top so have some plastic ferrules coming

    overall a really nice little fella!


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    I'm on the way....
    Well done @ally.

    And some points to look out for if I ever fall on one of those.