Perfectus No.0 1920s?

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    One hitherto unrepresented Perfectus '0' variant. By comparison with other Perfectus postings I'm trying to make an educated guess at a date in 1920s, but could possibly be a little older.



    Some bits of the minimal refurb took longer than might have been expected. For a start the unusual NRV set up took a bit of sorting out. Peculiarities include the tapered seating, closed end tank side and 10mm end:

    1422122385-DSC02225_opt.jpg 1422122395-DSC02226_opt.jpg

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    The burner required a thorough decoke and had a particular oddity all of its own: The burner is quite short and squat compared to a normal small size burners. This makes getting at the jet for both changing and even for pricker access quite a challenge, in fact a real pain! Here it is with a normal '00' burner on right for comparison (also note fact that there are NO purchase points on the riser for dismantling!):


    Finally here are a few more details, couple of back to life shots resplendent with the smart new legs which made this afternoon and a more appropriately threadbare old pan ring, and a size comparison with a Primus No.1:

    1422122954-DSC02227_opt.jpg 1422122966-DSC02228_opt.jpg 1422122978-DSC02229_opt.jpg 1422122995-DSC02233_opt.jpg 1422123011-DSC02234_opt.jpg 1422123030-DSC02235_opt.jpg 1422123124-DSC02244_opt.jpg 1422123075-DSC02236_opt.jpg

    There are several indications on the tank of possible future propensity to develop stress cracks, but only one tiny actual weep, on the bottom edge flange by the leg socket below the filler cap (and no it is not dribbling down from the filler!):

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