Perfektus No:1 - made in Czechoslovakia

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    I bought this as I'd never come across a Czech-made version of this German brand before. Anyone else seen one?

    This one came out of Bulgaria via ebay. It has had a hard life! The tank has stress crack, some of which have been soldered over. The burner has also been retro-fitted with tapped screws at the top of each burner tube - no doubt to facilitate easier cleaning of the burner tubes.

    When I attempted to test it paraffin seeped badly from stress cracks in the tank - highlighted in the last picture by a pencil line. I decided to let it retire rather than patch it up any further although I was tempted to solder a brass patch on the side.


    1310939678-perf_02.JPG 1310939686-perf_03.JPG 1310939696-perf_04.JPG 1310939707-perf_05.JPG 1310939720-perf_06.JPG 1310939731-perf_07.JPG 1310939741-perf_08.JPG
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    Someone else decided to do that ...

    Screwed up burner

    ... leaked like a seive and I'd to braze up the holes.

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    Hi Ross a very unusual stove a terrible shame about the stress cracks,i agree with you 100% about this stove, the screws must have been retro fitted to make decokeing of the burner easier being as it has had a hard life infact it was proberbly used every day and it must haave needed regular cleaning of the burner,
    and i personaly like you would retire the stove and not patch the tank to cover the stress cracks, even though it would make a perfect repair on that spot,but once a tank has become cracked there is a very good chance they will appear else where on the tank or the tank could burst in use
  4. Roy77

    Apr 21, 2010
    I'd like to say contact with the cracked tank.

    I think when the brass heated and cooled slowly ( when use the stove, exactly that happening )
    the brass to be hard and the pressure make the cracks. But if sometime heating the brass tank, and cooling it 10% sulfuric acid, the brass will be annealed. I have to a Phoebus stove what is cracked, and i'll try to repair, brazing inner side, or slivering, and then i'll try fill water, and test it underpressure. How many pressure the normal in to the stove? Safety the first, so if it will be perfect, i'll try use this stove, but if it not perfect, it will be a nice unuseable part of the collection.

    I hope you understand evryting what i writed.

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    Hi Roy, it would be hard work to get over 3 bar into the fount using the stoves' own pump. So, I think that if you test your repairs at 5 to 6 bar you will be perfectly safe!

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