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Phoebus 625

Discussion in 'Phoebus' started by Motoshi Makino, Aug 31, 2008.

  1. Motoshi Makino Japan

    Jun 1, 2006
    I think that it is 625 of the initial types.
    1220186997-aadit117_1_.jpg 1220187014-aadit119_1_.jpg 1220187029-aadit122_1_.jpg 1220187042-aadit124_1_.jpg 1220187059-aadit126_1_.jpg 1220187073-aadit127_1_.jpg 1220187087-aadit129_1_.jpg 1220187103-aadit131_1_.jpg 1220187115-aadit133_1_.jpg 1220187134-aadit134_1_.jpg 1220187145-aadit135_1_.jpg 1220187159-aadit136_1_.jpg 1220187171-aadit137_1_.jpg
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  2. OMC

    OMC United States Subscriber

    Sep 13, 2013
    Illinois, the Land of lincoln
    Thank you Motoshi for posting stove (in Aug of 2008).
    We can thank ajvuik and credit his sharing of his circa 1954 pamphlet (in June of 2008) for the source of my comment.
    Thanks to John too for reminding us of these details in November of 2015!
    A closer look at the images appears that we may have a cross-reference of 3 examples. Furthermore Motoshi introduces this as an initial type, he may be onto something and now this version is cross referenced to circa 1954.

    Motoshi, FYI it does appear as though your version No.625 round tin is illustrated in ajvuik's '54 pamphlet. I will note an image of a "CAR" is included on the No.625.
    Also the lid of your 625 resembles zzz's lid on his No.725 tin, noting the tin's images are very similar but that the "CAR" is absent on 725 backpack stove (as it should be).
    It was the pamphlet and tins that tied these together. What is certainly AS noteworthy is they both have the same "ORIGINAL PHOEBUS" stamped into the tanks. The 725 example also has a label. This type Tank Stamping is indicative of the earlier versions.
    thx omc
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