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    Oct 5, 2020
    Hi everyone,

    I started some study / survey on the Pigeon Ignus stove. This particular stove, as already mentionned by others in this forum, has many particularities. What I'm trying to do here is to gather as much information as I can, by collecting characteristics of the stoves encountered here or anywhere else on the web (ebay, blogs... ; including 2 stoves from my own collection). The main goal of this survey is to enlighten this stove, that many people have in their collections, but which is, on the other hand, not very well known.

    For this reason, I NEED YOUR HELP! :)

    If you are a Pigeon Ignus collector yourself, or if you know someone who has one, could you please answer those simple questions:

    1. kind of burner: roarer or silent?

    2. serial number (you'll find this one on the heat protection plate, somewhere under the burner / priming cup)

    3. Presence or not of a fuel decanter / filter? (the decanter is a circular brass part attached to the side of the burner; the difference between a burner with and without a decanter can be seen on @Motoshi Makino 's post, see picture below)


    On left: burner without a fuel decanter. On right: two Pigeon Ignus with the fuel decanter.

    4. Type of tank? Nickel tank or brass tank?

    5. control knob including the mention "NE PAS TOURNER A FROID" or simple fiber control knob?

    6. any other specificity? (like on the case: stamped? circular bulge on one door?).

    If you could complete by posting a few pictures of your stove, particularly its main characteristics, it would be very helpful.

    Thanks a lot for your help,