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  1. Radler Switzerland

    Jan 16, 2013
    I got this Prabhat collapsible stove from a seller in Germany who probably had acquired it many years ago in India.


    The fount was painted with a semi-transparent lacquer what gave it an interesting silky lustre.
    The knurlings are a bit rugged, compared with classic European stoves but the threads have the same dimensions. The release valve screw is marked "ORIGINAL" on one side and "SPECIAL" on the other.

    The fount has a rounded shoulder but is larger than the usual discus shaped tanks. The usable liquid capacity is one litre. The feet are in rubber shoes. The spirit cup has twice the volume compared to my other stoves with similar burners (16 ml). Maybe it's an adaption to other priming habits than ours.

    The only text on the fount is the name "Prabhat".
    The letters are obviously stamped by hand and one by one.

    To remove the ugly stain I had to wipe off all the lacquer with a rag, nail varnish remover and a lot of patience. The stove after polishing:
    I use a O-ring for the transit-plug to save the lead gasket.
    DSC00773.JPG Concentric traces from spinning are visible now on the fount.

    The old and elegant industrial technique of metal spinning is not well known nowadays. This two videos are worth to be seen:
    They show the principles of spinning with copper and silver sheet.
    Maybe brass sheet will need more thermal treatment.

    Ready for tea-test:

    Full power:

    Low heat.
    Flame for simmering:
    After three months of daily use I am very pleased with this stove. Of course it has not the elegant finish of old European stoves, but these stoves are not made to please a bourgeois public or collectors. They are made to serve people who are happy if they can afford a brass kerosene stove for daily use.

    All parts are made of solid brass, except the steel legs, the trivet and the pump rod.
    The only problem I met was the poor performance of the pump.
    After two replacements of the pump-leather I found the true reason of the problem. The cone of the pump-rod did not fit good enough to its metal counter-piece due to bad manufacturing.

    I widened a tiny steel gasket to fit on the upper part of the cone. It holds a minute O-ring on the cone which makes a perfect airtight seal.
    It's not always the leather, when the pump does not work well!

    Best Regards
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    Aug 25, 2009
    Great post @Radler
    Interesting what you've said about the larger spirit cup, perhaps to prime on kerosene.

    Well-observed throughout - the issue with the pump seal and it not being the pump cup at fault - the hand-stamped lettering and your deduction from the concentric tool marks of the process for manufacturing the fount, together with your helpful provision of links to video clips of metal spinning in action.

  3. tofta

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    Jan 13, 2015
    Trondheim, Norway
    I was gifted one of those some 15 or 22 years back. Basically the same stove but with a roarer burner, and I think it says No 1 on the tank. Although more on the rough side in the production details, it has served me well. We used it for many seasons when living in the boat house and building our holiday home. Now it is a backup stove at another cabin.

    I do not know about before, but when Optimus (and other European makers?) stopped making traditional paraffin stoves, Prabhat and a few other brands became available in Norway and I think other European countries. There has been a tiny market served by enthusiast shops/sellers. I am not sure of the situation in Norway right now, but still sells Prabhat stoves.

    My stove has thinner brass in the tank, as it will give slightly when pressing the top of the burner to one side. The pump tube cap had too big an opening for the rod, so I modified that a bit to get a nice straight pump action. The burner roars like crazy and produces a lot of heat so it was our water heater stove. Then we had a couple of other stoves for cocking.

    Brought up some great memories this post – thanks a lot.

    All the best, e
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    Aug 9, 2005
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    A very nice restored stove and looking fantastic in its polished condition.
  5. John Paul Appleyard Green

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    Jan 20, 2017
    @Radler ...
    Ahoy Swiss matey. I appreciate your O-ring/washer improvement.
    I've be using Teflon tape at that point but have been concerned about tape shards clogging in the non-return valve.
    Your fix is perfect.
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