Pre-1938 Radius No6 -Nickel Plated

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    This Radius No6 is Nickel Plated. It has had the original regulated burner replaced with a large Primus silent burner at some time, and there is an ugly solder repair at the filler tube, which could be removed and a much tidier job done. The base is marked "A B Radius, Stockholm, Made in Sweden" and also has the letter "L" stamped. The patent filler-cap has a built in safety pressure release valve.

    1375610456-Radius_6-1_opt.jpg 1375610607-Radius_6-2_opt.jpg 1375610687-Radius_6-3_opt.jpg 1375610707-Radius_6-4_opt.jpg 1375610724-Radius_6-5_opt.jpg 1375610743-Radius_6-6_opt.jpg 1375610763-Radius_6-7_opt.jpg
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