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    The burners and flame rings of this stove were marked OPTIMUS SWEDEN which was the markings used from the 1930s up to 1962. The parts had been made in this period and I am assuming that the stove was also assembled in this period.

    The sequence of markings on the 22 burners and flame rings was up until 1962 OPTIMUS SWEDEN, 1962-1969 OPTIMUS PRIMUS, from 1969 MADE IN SWEDEN on the burner and SWEDEN SWEDEN on the flame ring. The flame rings retained this marking until now. I think that the burners were marked OPTIMUS from 1976 or thereabouts

    The case was repainted to a close colour and finish to the original. I have no idea if the green case has any significance as blue ones are more common

    One of the regulating handle clips was originally loose so was brazed onto the case

    The clip was missing from the lid of the stove so it was held shut by a strap.

    1263896146-22_open_opt.jpg 1263896162-22_flames_opt.jpg 1263896177-22_case_opt.jpg

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