Prentiss Wabers 1A

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    Aug 22, 2008
    This is one of a handful of stoves, that has been a pleasure working on.
    Next big job will be stripping and painting the case later in the year.

    On the fettling side, the generator had a slight split and a small pin hole, which a good mate of mine fixed.
    Other than that, I cleaned the manifold, by boiling in a solution of Citric acid.
    All burners work extremely well on all settings, with very little loss of power, on burners 2 and 3.

    1294151133-IMG_0850_opt.jpg 1294151171-IMG_0848_opt.jpg 1294151207-IMG_0849_opt.jpg 1294151223-IMG_0068_opt.jpg 1294151270-IMG_0851_opt.jpg 1294151306-IMG_0852_opt_2_.jpg 1294151337-IMG_0853_opt.jpg 1294151368-IMG_0855_opt.jpg 1294151399-IMG_0856_opt.jpg 1294151419-IMG_0857_opt.jpg 1294151451-IMG_0874_opt.jpg 1294151493-IMG_0875_opt.jpg 1294151527-IMG_0877_opt.jpg 1294151553-IMG_0878_opt.jpg 1294151580-IMG_0879_opt.jpg 1294151650-IMG_0091_opt.jpg 1294151702-IMG_0098_opt.jpg 1294151800-IMG_0084_opt.jpg 1294152047-IMG_0082_opt.jpg
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    Jul 1, 2008
    Great stove! Is the case really in need of restoration? From the pics (which can hide lots of badness), it looks to be in great shape....I'd leave it, but then again, I've never touched any of my Prentiss-Wabers....or any stoves. Maybe I'm a preservationist.....but even more likely...I'm lazy.