Prentiss Wabers Model No. 208

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    Jun 15, 2009
    Hello Prentiss Wabers fans and stovies!

    Continuing with the marathon Prentiss Wabers stove posts, here's a Prentiss Wabers Model No. 208 double burner. It's similar to the Model No. 209, just smaller and has a wire grate instead of the big and heavy cast iron. It probably has an earlier date than the 209 I have but it's hard to say. However, it is most likely in the 1936 to 1938 time period.


    The last photo below show the model No. 208 versus the No. 209 on bottom, which compares their sizes. The both have the rail that flips over the front of the stove brackets and the front of the case.

    In one other photo, there is a label that is crumbling on the rail that reads something like:

    First line: "RAISE THIS CL..."
    Second line: "TANK I.. PROP... ....T"

    What I think it says is:

    Second line: "TANK IN PROPER POSITION"

    Any thoughts or the actual text would be welcome!

    One other item of interest is the fuel cap, which is quite deep and has an air escape vent running up along the threads. It vents air when the cap is loosened.

    By the way, this stove actually works. I fettled this one about two years ago. It is still full of Coleman Fuel and when I released the cap, a woosh of air came out of the tank. I think I'll fire this one up tonight!

    1406340210-xPrentissWabers208_002.jpg 1406340287-xPrentissWabers208_003.jpg 1406340296-xPrentissWabers208_004.jpg 1406340308-xPrentissWabers208_006.jpg 1406340316-xPrentissWabers208_007.jpg 1406340332-xPrentissWabers208_009.jpg 1406340344-xPrentissWabers208_010.jpg 1406340377-xPrentissWabers208_011.jpg 1406340387-xPrentissWabers208_012.jpg 1406340405-xPrentissWabers208_013.jpg 1406340436-xPrentissWabers208_014.jpg 1406340447-xPrentissWabers208_015.jpg 1406340458-xPrentissWabers208_016.jpg 1406340466-xPrentissWabers208_017.jpg 1406340475-xPrentissWabers208_018.jpg 1406340485-xPrentissWabers208_019.jpg 1406340498-xPrentissWabers208_020.jpg 1406340524-xPrentissWabers208_022.jpg 1406340538-xPrentissWabers208_023.jpg

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