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Prentiss Wabers Model No. 209

Discussion in 'Prentiss Wabers (Preway)' started by idahostoveguy, Jul 24, 2014.

  1. idahostoveguy

    idahostoveguy Subscriber

    Jun 15, 2009
    Potato Country USA
    Well, here's yet another Prentiss Wabers stove that I was able to find a while back. This one is the Prentiss Wabers Auto Cook Kit Model No. 209. It's a bit interesting in that it has the built-in pump and sports a cast iron grate, and has a gate that flips over the burner frame assembly once it is fitted in place.


    I would put the manufacture date at around 1937-38-ish since I have an advertisement with the stove in it. Although the bottom of the advertisement says Mfg. No. 409, the top of the ad says Auto Cook Kit No. 209. I measured the stove and matched the features in the drawing and they seem to be identical in every respect (click to see a larger version):


    Relative to other models I've put up recently, it's probably a bit larger by a few inches on the width, which gives it a large cooking area, probably nearly as wide as a Coleman 413.

    The cast iron makes this one quite heavy. I'm always surprised the cast iron to be intact after sitting and being abused for 80-some-odd years.

    Another feature of this stove is that there is no preheat cup, but it does have an instant lighting valve on the tank and the burner control up near the generator at the end of the brass tube away from the tank. Works just like any other instant lighting mechanism, namely, you open it up during lighting to get more air into the fuel/air mix and then close it once the burner starts vaporizing the fuel properly. Pump more air into the tank to replenished depleted air.

    1406174064-xPrentissWabers209_001.jpg 1406174083-xPrentissWabers209_003.jpg 1406174091-xPrentissWabers209_004.jpg 1406174100-xPrentissWabers209_005.jpg 1406174110-xPrentissWabers209_006.jpg 1406174120-xPrentissWabers209_007.jpg 1406174130-xPrentissWabers209_008.jpg 1406174140-xPrentissWabers209_009.jpg 1406174149-xPrentissWabers209_010.jpg 1406174158-xPrentissWabers209_011.jpg 1406174176-xPrentissWabers209_012.jpg 1406174187-xPrentissWabers209_013.jpg 1406174201-xPrentissWabers209_014.jpg

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  2. scouterjan

    scouterjan Canada Subscriber

    Mar 24, 2010
    Maple Ridge, B.C. Canada
    Geez Sam, never saw one of those before