Prentiss Wabers Model No. 5

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  1. idahostoveguy

    Jun 15, 2009
    This is a Prentiss Wabers Model No. 5. This stove is heavy. It's got an extra weird lid and a cast iron grate, along with the cast iron double burner. No shortage of heavy metal in this one.

    At first I thought this one was an oven, but after opening the lid, I figured out it has an extra fancy lid - wind screen - table setup. You can't lay the lid back unless you put down the supports in the back.


    Unfortunately, the generator is split on this one, which is how I found it. That's okay, I like a fettling challenge. It shouldn't be too hard to fix or replace. I could probably just silbraze it and it will be fine. I have a replacement for it, just don't want to use it if I don't have to.

    It has been painted a weird silver color, which will be coming off later, when I get to fettling this little beast. Just wanted to put this into the gallery, just in case I don't ever get to it, health reasons aside.

    This one is like mid 1920s, considering it has a tank similar to those of the 1920s and burner similar to those like the No. 9 and No. 8, and case dimensions match those of the No. 4. The riveted tank is another clue as well.

    1406076698-xPrentissWabers5_002.jpg 1406076710-xPrentissWabers5_003.jpg 1406076719-xPrentissWabers5_004.jpg 1406077529-xPrentissWabers5_005.jpg 1406077536-xPrentissWabers5_006.jpg 1406077544-xPrentissWabers5_007.jpg 1406077551-xPrentissWabers5_008.jpg 1406077558-xPrentissWabers5_009.jpg 1406077565-xPrentissWabers5_010.jpg 1406077576-xPrentissWabers5_011.jpg 1406077584-xPrentissWabers5_012.jpg 1406077595-xPrentissWabers5_013.jpg 1406077605-xPrentissWabers5_014.jpg 1406077613-xPrentissWabers5_015.jpg 1406077623-xPrentissWabers5_016.jpg 1406077632-xPrentissWabers5_017.jpg 1406077641-xPrentissWabers5_018.jpg 1406077652-xPrentissWabers5_019.jpg 1406077663-xPrentissWabers5_020.jpg

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    Nov 16, 2011
    North Carolina
    Really nice details Sam.
    Ken in NC
  3. taylorman

    Nov 10, 2017
    I'm new to these stoves...but I think I have this same stove, badged as a " Lakeside No.1 Montgomery Wards