Primus 14 - 1924

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    01 - Side View.JPG

    This 1924 Primus 14 came to me from France. There are a number of small differences between it and the 1932 model I have. Especially the burner.

    02 - Front View.JPG 03 - Logo.JPG

    Unlike the 1932 model the burner tube opposite the valve is simply for support. No fuel flows through it.

    06 - Fuel Flow.jpg

    04 - Swivel.JPG 05 - Knob.JPG

    The burner skirt with the holes is permanently attacked to the burner itself. There is an inside burner cap and an outer cap that fits on top.

    07 - Cap.JPG

    The stove can be easily adjusted to a simmer using the control knob.

    08 - Simmer.JPG 09 - Full blast.JPG

    After replacing the pump leather and firing the stove up, it kept clogging. Suspecting a build up of gunk in the burner, I sent it to Gary "BernieDawg" Adams for a clean out. He cleaned the burner, repacked the spindle, replaced the nipple, and fitted a new fill cap gasket. As you can see the stove runs great so a big "THANKS" to Gary.


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