Primus 210 windscreen and stove testing

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    Jun 9, 2020
    I had a little time to kill and I wanted to get ready for a fall camping trip, so I decided to build a windscreen out of some titanium foil for my 210 and test out some stoves in my collection.

    First the windscreen, which turned out pretty well and wraps around a spare fuel bottle nicely.

    Now for the testing. I used 750 ml of cold Alaska tap water (starting temp ~45-50 degF) as the starting stock for each of the boil tests. That's about enough for two homemade dehydrated meals and warm drinks for my wife and I.

    Primus 96 w/ a 210 roarer burner (not the stock lipstick burner)
    Boil time: ~6:15
    Fuel used: 14g

    Primus 210 w/ a large silent burner (again, not the stock burner)
    Boil time: ~6:00
    Fuel used: 14g

    Svea 123 with a Bernie Dawg cap
    Boil time: 7:50
    Fuel used: 11g

    Primus Omnifuel with a Bernie Dawg cap running on white gas
    Boil Time: 4:38
    Fuel used: 13g

    Primus Omnifuel with a Bernie Dawg cap running on kerosene and a 0.36 jet from an Omnifuel TI kit
    I did 3 tests on this one, because it was interesting to see how much more fuel gets burned if I let it go fuel open for not much gain.

    Full open
    Boil time: 4:55
    Fuel used 17g

    ~80-90% open
    Boil time: 5:15
    Fuel used 12g

    Boil time: 5:39
    Fuel used 11g

    All stoves were primed with Alcohol prior to the test, the fuel used for the Omnifuel does NOT include the fuel that would be burned to void the fuel line of fuel (that was between 4-6g additional in all my tests). I had fun, got to play with stoves, and had an excuse to drink a lot of good tea and coffee ;-)