Primus 2396

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  1. heimlaga Finland

    Jul 19, 2021
    Österbotten Finland
    We need a reasonably functional camp stove for occasional boating trips and in the future we will need it even more as borders are opening and we will need to cook a meal or two by the roadside so we can avoid eating out on some necsessary trips to Sweden by car.
    Money is tight so for the last year I have been keeping my eyes open for a cheap secondhand apparatus that would fit the bill and that I could get without mingling with too much people.

    Yesterday I came across a little used Primus 2396 two burner stove for 5 euros at an outdoor boot sale. I bought it knowing that the hose and all O-rings are rotten and that it doesn't fit any modern gas bottle without some modifications.
    All seemed well until I was told that this is a high pressure stove using the gas directly without a regulator and hence difficult to fit to a modern bottle and that the tiny nozzle is notorious for clogging.

    So....what is the best way to proceed?
    I want to make a functional stove ot of it. Safe and functional and cheap.

    I have rebuilt quite a few woodworking machines in the past and some other thing stoo.
    However stoves are entirely a new thing to me so I must start by learning the basics and gaining some sort of understanding of what I am trying to do.