Primus 324 and 325

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    Oct 28, 2005
    Here we have two very similar models, little brother 324 that measures approx. 15x25cm and the bigger 325 with size of 20x35cm. By some reason is the smaller one much harder to find. They are of the same style, only a few details differ.
    The design of the burner is actually rather complicated. This stove was advertised under the name "Self thinking stove"


    1396974362-CIMG7836.JPG 1396974374-CIMG7829.JPG 1396974382-CIMG7830.JPG 1396974389-CIMG7832.JPG 1396974397-CIMG7833.JPG 1396974406-CIMG7834.JPG 1396974414-CIMG7835.JPG
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