Primus 51 1936 (AA/12)

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  1. Adam27

    Jun 13, 2013
    Hello all.

    Here is a 1936 Primus 51. I picked it up at a swap meet for $20 USD.

    It appeared in fairly rough shape. The seller did not even have the stove put together correctly, the flame ring was even upside down. The burner and connection tube was seized. There were markings that a rough wire brush or steel wool was attempted at cleaning it. It was a gamble, but wanted to try it for my first Roarer Burner. I currently own an Optimus 00, but haven’t found a burner for it yet (still looking).

    Here are some shots after getting it home.

    1382551358-20131010_163255_opt.jpg 1382551366-20131010_163306_opt.jpg 1382551372-20131010_163315_opt.jpg 1382551380-20131010_163330_opt.jpg

    AA/12 stamp indicates a 1936 production.


    The Trivet had some minor surface rust starting, and a spot of paint on the Sweden logo.


    All parts do appear original, with the exception of the pump handle. The handle is chrome colored, but not magnetic. So I assume it may be polished aluminum..?

    1382551429-20131010_163443_opt.jpg 1382551447-20131010_163503_opt.jpg 1382551453-20131010_163513_opt.jpg 1382551459-20131010_163524_opt.jpg

    Here she is after a decent clean up, and all new seals and gaskets from the Fettlebox. This was my first full Fettle job.

    1382551465-20131020_115240_opt.jpg 1382551472-20131021_173555_opt.jpg 1382551487-20131021_173715_opt.jpg 1382551496-20131021_173857_opt.jpg

    As you can see, there are some minor dings on the tank, but she passed the leak and pressure tests successfully.

    Note: I believe this stove has had a very active life. I do not have a picture of it, but the pump tube cap has been worn down from the pump rod. Instead of a circular hole for the pump rod, its actually oval in shape. I’ve seen this before on several other stoves here in the gallery.

    Time for her first lighting in probably a decade or more.

    Preheating burner…
    1382551503-20131021_181418_opt.jpg 1382551511-20131021_181425_opt.jpg

    Very orange at first. It settled down after 5-10 minutes.

    1382551548-20131021_181906_opt.jpg 1382551560-20131021_181939_opt.jpg

    And a couple more flame shots as the sun was setting.

    1382551572-20131021_183722_opt.jpg 1382551581-20131021_183734_opt.jpg

    I plan to spray the Trivet with a high temperature Matte black engine paint to prevent any further rust from forming on it. Similar to the 51 posted by member expat.
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    DAVE GIBSON Subscriber

    Aug 6, 2004
    nice find,great work!!
    i have told folks on this site that i gave up looking for classics around Minnesota because there were none to be found---wrong--
    the only other CCS guy i know of is Allen in WBL,
    i hope he's not watching how well your doing.
  3. itchy

    Feb 10, 2009
    Excellent fore and after shots.
    -Former Minneapolitian