primus 535 spirit tube & wick clone

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    Mar 8, 2016
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    I have two 535's both came with only one spirit tube each and one wick between them,
    I sacrificed one spirit tube to get a pattern

    pattern plus two clones.JPG

    I rolled one of them around a brass rod

    one rolled and ready for fitting.JPG

    but it had to be annealed to get the final shape right

    clone and original.JPG

    I cloned the clip as well, I had some stainless steel welding rod that has plenty of spring to it,
    the clones are on the right.

    clone with cloned  clip.JPG

    Here is the clone fitted

    clone fitted.JPG

    And the original back on the burner that it came on

    original fitted.JPG

    I needed a wick and luckily after spending hours on the internet trying to find a solution I discovered
    that I aready had exactly what I needed.
    I had replaced the seal around the door glass of our inbuilt fire and the old seal was sitting in a box
    in my garage, pays not to throw things out. It is fibreglass and I managed to cut off a strip the exact
    width that I needed, a brass backing strip and we are in business.

    backing and wick.JPG

    Fitted with a couple of clasps

    two clasps.JPG

    The original wick had the clip in the top missing so a bit of cutting and bending of brass sheet
    and it is ready live on.

    old wick repaired.JPG

    old wick repaired 2.JPG

    reassembled and looking down on the clone where it will now reside

    clone all assembled.JPG

    Got fire

    got fire.JPG

    Both burners are preheating but I only caught the flames from one in my shot.

    A problem that I predicted but is not major is the wick burns with a flame along its entire
    length, this promotes under burn until it is completely burned out.
    The tubes and wick would work better if the slit in the tube was completely closed.
    Perhaps a modification of the original design might be called for.

    Any thoughts anyone?

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