Primus No. 1 J:or, 'D', 1914; German market trivet.

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    Jun 23, 2013
    Rather over-polished for my tastes, but still a nice example of a No. 1 J:or and with a couple of features worth comment. Date coded for 1914 manufacture, but presumably sold late in the year or early 1915 as the filler cap is the type most usually encountered on Primus from 1915 & 1916. Everything including the burner is in keeping with being original.

    DSC09972.JPG DSC09973.JPG DSC09971.JPG DSC09977.JPG DSC09966.JPG

    But now look back at that trivet. With the 'Primus' name correctly in all of the outer ring segments it is easily passed over as just another standard pressed trivet. But looking more closely at the corroded inner ring produces a surprise:

    DSC09967.JPG DSC09969.JPG DSC09970.JPG DSC09968.JPG

    Seemingly 2 different reference numbers and then the abbreviation "GEBR. MUSTER" which was identified as a German market pattern protection in this discussion. This could accord with the stove having been acquired from part of the present day Czech Republic.