Primus No.100 - 1959 Regulated burner

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    Thank you Henk for this stove.

    I thought initially that the regulated burner wasn't original to the stove, as it is not in any of the British Primus catalogues, although the spindle appears in a 1950 catalogue.
    Perhaps this was made for the Continental European market.

    1357487241-IMG_9867_opt.jpg 1357487272-IMG_9869_opt.jpg 1357487304-IMG_9871_opt.jpg 1357487334-IMG_9872_opt.jpg 1357487394-IMG_9873_opt.jpg 1357487426-IMG_9874_opt.jpg 1357487454-IMG_9870_opt.jpg 1357487489-IMG_9875_opt.jpg 1357487509-IMG_9876_opt.jpg 1357487540-IMG_9882_opt.jpg 1357487569-IMG_9878_opt.jpg 1357487609-IMG_9877_opt.jpg 1357487643-IMG_9880_opt.jpg 1357487672-IMG_9881_opt.jpg 1357487712-IMG_9879_opt.jpg 1357487755-IMG_9883_opt.jpg 1357487781-IMG_9884_opt.jpg
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