Primus No.100 'A' 1911

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    There seem to be at least 3 1911 dated Primus 100s in the gallery already (;;
    So why yet another one? Well the reason is that this one, though very clearly date marked 'A' for 1911, has a tank with the older style of markings which I have only previously seen on photos of pre-1911 examples. Seems to suggest that 1911 was the transition year for bringing in the new format of tank markings on the '100' model as well as the introduction of the date codes; and that some examples, including this one, were put together using remaining stock of the older look tanks:

    DSC02893.JPG DSC02898.JPG DSC02899.JPG DSC02903.JPG DSC02902.JPG


    The stove 'lives' in a nicely fitted if rather crude old homemade wooden box and burns very cleanly in roarer mode, it is alight in the last 3 photos above.

    DSC02892.JPG DSC02896.JPG

    The leg heights give very little clearance for pans without using a cast iron pan ring, but have to borrow one from another stove to use:

    DSC02904.JPG DSC02905.JPG
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    That is a very nice acquisition.
    I love the tank stampings on your first photo and and I wish they had continued with the stove logo on the filler cap.
    You make very interesting observations regarding the date and the transition of tank designs.
    Those observations sound very plausible to me - unless someone knows different.
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    Awesome stove and piece of history!!!!!!!:thumbup:
    Although crude, that wooden box was probably a big reason the stove still exists in it's current condition. A lot of great detail from the stamping to the trivet. :shock: