Primus No 2 - 1961

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    Aug 22, 2008
    This one arrived earlier in the week.
    This No 2, is dated on the riser tube.
    The stove on the left hand side in the last picture, is also a No 2, W - 1932.
    If you compare the stoves in the last pictures to each other, you can see the differences between them.
    No flames - its all packed away, with pump leather removed.


    1299184928-IMG_1258_opt.jpg 1299184945-IMG_1259_opt.jpg 1299184976-IMG_1260_opt.jpg 1299185005-IMG_1267_opt.jpg 1299185028-IMG_1268_opt.jpg 1299185051-IMG_1264_opt.jpg 1299185080-IMG_1270_opt.jpg 1299185108-IMG_1271_opt.jpg 1299185134-IMG_1272_opt.jpg 1299185157-IMG_1261_opt.jpg 1299185192-IMG_1262_opt.jpg 1299185217-IMG_1277_opt.jpg
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