Primus No.230 - 1911

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    Aug 22, 2008
    Arrived yesterday, all the usual fettling.

    The burner head was a bit of an exception though, it was missing its nipple. There was a lot of solder in the nipple holder hole, for whatever reason. Cleaned it all out, used a tapered repair nipple to start the thread off again. Refitted a standard jet.

    Tin has been cleaned in boiling Citric Acid.


    1333887068-IMG_5030_opt.jpg 1333887085-IMG_5031_opt.jpg 1333887108-IMG_5037_opt.jpg 1333887161-IMG_5038_opt.jpg 1333887184-IMG_5041_opt.jpg 1333887199-IMG_5042_opt.jpg 1333887223-IMG_5027_opt.jpg 1333887261-IMG_5028_opt.jpg 1333887278-IMG_5044_opt.jpg 1333887312-IMG_5046_opt.jpg 1333887335-IMG_5036_opt.jpg 1333887365-IMG_5011_opt.jpg 1333887384-IMG_5019_opt.jpg
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