Primus No.51 from 1957

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    Hi here are some photos of a relatively late Primus No.51, which has the six-digit code 200657, indicating a 1957 manufacturing date:

    1228840701-St.15-Pr.51-1.jpg 1228840823-St.15-Pr.51-2.jpg 1228840872-St.15-Pr.51-3.jpg 1228840910-St.15-Pr.51-4.jpg

    This later model is less like a "budget" stove, as there are brass feet, and a full diameter pump assembly.

    Primus have retained their reputation for high-quality manufacture with this stove.

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    Hi George, I am currently working on a 51 just like this. I agree that Primus did not spare any expense in this particuliar variation, with the exception of no traveling cap in it's design. The tank lid has nice engraving as well as the fount. I got mine up and running and let it burn for a good hour. It settled down to a beautiful blue flame and I can see that it will be wonderful to use. I'll add it to this Gallery once I've got it cleaned and polished.

    1258990324-DSC00638_opt.jpg 1258990314-bfea_12.jpg
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