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    Aug 22, 2008
    Picked this up from a local ebay seller last week.

    I intended to use it as spares, for a couple of OP155's, that are ongoing projects.

    I asked the seller where he had acquired it from originally, it came off an old German boat he had, that he was going to do up, but had abandoned the idea. That ties in with a similar stove with pot retaining pins as seen on Ebay Germany.

    The burners are an unbranded Swedish make, there is no brand name on the tank, although all the furniture does suggest that it is a 535.
    It was missing its locating pins at either end of the tank.
    Thanks Den for making me two new ones.

    1299415891-IMG_1323_opt.jpg 1299415913-IMG_1324_opt.jpg 1299415934-IMG_1326_opt.jpg 1299415955-IMG_1328_opt.jpg 1299415981-IMG_1325_opt.jpg
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    Oct 4, 2007
    Hi iani what a very nice range you have it does seem a shame to use it as spares as it looks in to good a condition to use as spares in fact it looks in mint condition the enammel work is superb may be you could find another that is in real bad condition to use for your two 155s but never the less good luck with your restoration
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    Aug 9, 2005
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    Hi Ian

    I am trying to limit my collection to camping stoves only. . . . . . .

    .. . . but I am always tempted by the 535 !!!

    Lovely looking stove.