Primus No.6, 'B', 1912

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    DSC09985.JPG Here we have a salvaged 1912 dated 'big', 4 pint, Primus No.6. The earliest currently available catalogue date for this model in 1914, but this pushes the first introduction of the 4 pint No.6 certainly back to 1912.

    The start point wasn't all that promising:
    1912 Primus No.6 'before' a.jpg 1912 Primus No.6 'before' b.jpg 1912 Primus No.6 'before' c.jpg

    But it is remarkable how alternating sessions of citric acid cleaner and Autosol, and, for the legs emery cloth massage, can change a scrap item into something looking basically presentable:
    DSC09989.JPG DSC09991.JPG DSC09983.JPG DSC09993.JPG DSC09990.JPG DSC09988.JPG DSC09984.JPG

    The pump and burner were a bit more of an issue, especially the latter. The spirit cup was rotten and replaced with a glaringly new NOS item. An NOS lighter tube was also fitted:

    So then to a first firing in many, many, years:

    Unfortunately the burn was very fragile, flicking over to under-burn at every slightest opportunity. So the old outer cap was switched for an NOS replacement with smaller and differently spaced holes, problem solved, and brew under way:
    DSC09997.JPG DSC09995.JPG DSC09994.JPG


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