Primus Stoves - looking for info on No.2 and No.210

Discussion in 'Valuations' started by Lindsay Sillars, Jan 23, 2021.

  1. Lindsay Sillars United Kingdom

    Jan 23, 2021
    We have came across a couple of Primus pieces whilst having a clear out and was looking to see if anyone had any further information on these and any ideas of where best to sell these items or find out a value?

    They could definitely do with a clean up first though!

    Many thanks

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    Aug 11, 2018
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    I would echo Presscall's advice re the Volcanos. Ebay is a good marketplace.
    As for price, the no.2 is less common and older, but it is incomplete (minus its burner flame ring). Repro replacement rings are about a tenner.
    Look on the tank underside and find the date code - a small circle containing one or two letters and numbers - ignore the numbers but compare the letters to the primus dating chart - loads of references to it. That will give you a year of manufacture.

    The 210 just says made in Sweden, with no date. It is post 1962, when Optimus took over the Primus liquid fuel stoves and formation of Primus Trading Company. It is a badge engineered Optimus 00! The burner sometimes gives a clue but yours has been changed for a silent burner which was not as originally supplied. Expect in region of £15-30.

    To clean or not? My advice is not to - some of us like stoves to work on and improve, others like high shine. A blank canvas suits both. Stove cleaning can be done in one of two ways - well or badly! Pickle it in vinegar and turn it copper pink, or use abrasives and put deep scratches in it are a couple of big errors which will not enhance the values. You cannot overnight replace the patina of decades of use and storage.
    To get it running or not? For the 210 which may be complete, you might find that after oiling the pump leather it pressurises. If there is still paraffin in it, pressure will force it through the jet! You would need to pre-heat the burner with methylated spirit in the cup below the burner in order to vaporise the paraffin to ignitable gas form. There are instructions on here or elsewhere and videos on youtube etc. Some are really lessons of how not to do it! You will likely find that it needs some seals and an overhaul to run well or maybe at all.

    Shipping. Collection only really limits your market. Postage can be an issue for items that have contained fuels. Ideally, they need to be emptied, cleaned out, dried and aired to remove any trace of fuels. Especially important for sending abroad which travel by air, but my local Post Office tells me it equally applies to items inland (But stuff still gets delivered to me!). If it is deemed to be a dangerous item, it could get destroyed rather than delivered.
    Would I buy them? Yes, if they were not too mucked about and the prices seemed reasonable and I didn't need to travel to pick them up..
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