PW Auto Kamp Kook Kit No.5

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  1. Troutman United States

    Feb 16, 2019
    I got this close to 5 years ago and only cleaned the burner parts, grills and straightened some of the sheet metal at that time. The outside of the case is fairly rusted but I assure you if I attempted to repaint it it would look worse. I could put orange peel on an apple. :)

    The burner on this looks very similar to Hazets #4 Auto-Cook-Kit (see below) with the only exception I can see from his photos is that his burner manifold is marked with a '20' and this one is marked with '21'. The upper grill, which I guess could be called a warming rack is a nice addition as well as helping keep the windscreens in place. It burns very well.

    KampKook #5 018 (Small).jpg

    KampKook #5 019 (Small).jpg

    KampKook #5 001 (Small).JPG

    KampKook #5 003 (Small).JPG

    KampKook #5 004 (Small).JPG

    Being that the tank is on the left, steel and riveted to the mounting straps I would date this as 1925 or prior? It's marked Patent Applied For.

    Prentiss-Wabers Auto Kamp Kook Kit No.5