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    Picked this little girl up recently, and she exceeded my expectations on condition.
    Not a lover of Radius, because of stress fractures, in the past.
    I have used many so-called Heat Resistant paints before, on trivets, and all have turned out to be crap, but this can I have pictured,is the best I have come across.
    Cure it in the oven, or on top of the wood burner, or just firing up the stove will cure it also.
    Picture 8, shows the hardware store outlet, label, where it would have been originally purchased ?
    Thanks Kerophile.

    1328030269-IMG_3751_opt.jpg 1328030291-IMG_3753_opt.jpg 1328030308-IMG_3754_opt.jpg 1328030337-IMG_3755_opt.jpg 1328030357-IMG_3758_opt.jpg 1328030374-IMG_3759_opt.jpg 1328030396-IMG_3760_opt.jpg 1328030422-IMG_3756_opt.jpg 1328030445-IMG_3762_opt.jpg 1328030468-IMG_3761_opt.jpg 1328030490-IMG_3768_opt.jpg 1328030512-IMG_3763_opt.jpg
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    Jan 28, 2012
    I have a #106 seva stove that looks just like this one. What is the difference? What kind of fuel does it take no one has answered me/ I don't smell bad! I've had this one since 1966 sure would like to get it working .I need the 3 arms to hold up the ring .Brewster
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    Hi Brewster, the Svea 106 is a very similar stove to the Radius 17, but was made by a different Manfacturer, Max Sievert. Both Radius and Sievert were Swedish companies.


    Both the Radius 17 and Svea 106 are excellent 1.75 pint kerosene stoves, fitted with roarer burners, and the majority of parts are interchangeable.

    You can make replacement "legs" for your Svea 106. Alternatively you can buy a new set from one of the CCS members, loco7stove, who makes them.

    Hope this helps.
    Best Regards,
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