Rare Sterno suitcase camp stove?

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  1. Bill Sayre

    May 14, 2015
    Okay, got a mystery on my hands here. Was at an estate sale, and poked my head into the attic stairwell, and noticed what I initially thought was a Coleman suitcase stove of some sort sitting on a shelf. Opened the lid to discover that it actually was a stove made by Sterno. Now I’ve seen the small folding one burner stoves made by Sterno, but had never seen a suitcase-style one, so this immediately piqued my curiosity.
    I Googled the name and model number that was on the instruction label inside the lid, and, nothing. Absolutely nothing. I showed it to the guy who was running the sale, who’s an antique dealer, and he had never seen one, and his searching turned up nothing as well. I ended up getting the stove for $10. got home, and have been scouring the internet, Facebook groups for old camp stoves, and even this forum (using the search function) , and haven’t found anything to identity when this was made, or anything. I’ve had one guy estimate that it’s probably older than the 40’s, but that’s about it. (My estimation is 1930’s to 1950’s, based on the lettering and font on the label) and a coworker mused it may be military or limited edition or prototype. But even then, I would think there’d be some discussion somewhere online about it.
    I’m hoping one of you fine folks may hold the answer.

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  2. OMC

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    Sep 13, 2013
    @Bill Sayre WELCOME !

    Some of us here do share your interest in old STERNO.
    You may have found this already
    but I'm afraid myself nor that link offers any progress on your inquiry.
    I've seen one other double burner table top sterno but not at all like yours. Yours is the 1st i've seen like that. Nothing else I've seen even comes close.
    Best of luck.
    If you find answers elsewhere please update this thread.
    Thank you for posting it, it's much appreciated.