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  1. Blue Flame

    Sep 23, 2011

    Bought an RM a while back to add to my collection of 1/2 & 1 pint stoves in boxes. It has sat on the shelf for a while as I had been convinced that although RM stoves were a missing link in my collection they were uninteresting.
    However time to start the latest fettle so RM went onto the fettling bench.
    As usual, replaced the seals and NRV washers. I tend to do this as a matter of course after initial firing up. (If it ain't bust... fix it)
    The leather washer was supple so was oiled and gave good pressure.
    As usual forgot to photograph the "as received" condition stove but here is the Ebay picture.


    Decal in good condition. Only slight wear around the borders


    What I like about this stove is the ease of packing it away in its box. Maybe using a shed for storage rather than a rucksack makes size less of a problem.


    I don't know why more manufacturers didn't use aluminium for the pan supports. Saves a few ounces (Grams for the euro members) and it shines when polished.


    RM fully fettled, polished and much loved.


    In my opinion, RM set the standard for wind shield design. A good fit on the spirit cup, locating pegs and a lovely door for lighting. Wish they had spent the extra 2/6 (£0.25) and made it from brass.


    I really believe that although RM "badge engineered” (together with Veritas & Thermidor) and on later models, lacked the elegant engraving of popular Nordic manufacturers, produced a superb stove. This is one of my favourites in my collection.
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  2. Viscara

    Jul 8, 2011
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    Wow.. That is a beaut. Nice job of restoration. I think maybe the reason the manufactures would not make the pot stays out of Aluminum is price or cost also the fact when the stoves are made they are not made for the careful collectors but the rough everyday common household individuals that tend to be a far less careful and rough with their stoves.

    I like to ask what you paid for a stove like this? and also what I might expect to pay for a stove like this? I really like to get one as it has a bit of a flare for me as the RM are my initials to my name. So gotta have this one. Great looking stove.