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RM mfg stove

Discussion in 'RM MFG & Engineering Co Ltd' started by Excessieve, Feb 18, 2011.

  1. Excessieve United Kingdom

    Feb 15, 2011
    I initially came to this site to ID and research a couple of old(ish) brass stoves.
    On this one, other than a pretty manky decal (fourth pic) the stove has no discernable markings. A bit of a trawl through the stove reference gallery threw up RM MFG & Engineering Co Ltd ~ which I hadn't previously heard of :?: .
    Looking through the RM gallery, I'm pretty sure that it's a dead ringer for kaw550red' 1970s RM 1 PINT STOVE.

    The stove.


    Tank cap detailing the straight knurl.


    After all this time, the top cap seal is still good.


    The manky decal.


    Patina pic. I'm fairly sure that this patina is due to water ~ feel free to correct me though :) .


    And lastly, two pics of its box. It's way too big for the stove and instinct says that it isn't the original box ~ but it would be nice to know definitively [-o< .

    1298027895-IMGP4485_RM_box_open_01.JPG 1298027914-IMGP4491_RM_box_closed_01.JPG

    Many thanks to those who have unknowingly aid my search and also for taking the time to view.
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  2. kerophile

    kerophile United Kingdom Subscriber

    Sep 23, 2004
    Far North of Scotland
    Hi, welcome to CCS.
    Your stove is a one-pint, paraffin-fuelled, Picnic stove. This one is branded as an RM stove, but identical stoves were also sold under the Veritas and Thermidor labels.
    See this earlier post which summarises some of the wisdom of Bryan Miller:

    Hi, I received an email with comments on these very similar Picnic stoves from my good friend Bryan Miller: "There is nothing mysterious about the Veritas, Thermidor and RM 1 pint stoves because they are the same stove. The only difference between them is that Thermidor always used their unique tank lid on their brand of stove. Thermidor bought RM in 1952 but both factories continued in operation after the purchase and RM appeared to do its own thing although some of the designs were shared by the two companies. Veritas was the brand name of a range of hardware products. The brand name was used by Falk Stadelmann I think. They had a warehouse but no factory. Someone made their products probably to their specification and put their brand name and trademark on them. The trademark was registered but the brand name was used by several firms producing different products. Either Thermidor or more probably RM made the Veritas stoves. There is an oddity in the situation in that Veritas had an earlier version of the same stove and I have never seen a matching RM or Thermidor stove. I am fairly certain that the information about RM being bought by Thermidor is on the website. [ Note RM Engineering was taken over by.Samuel Heath and Sons (Thermidor) in the early1950s ] The lithographed tins were used for the three stoves at one time. The only differences between the different brands was the brand name on the tins and each brand had its own colour tin. Later on the imprinted lettering was dropped from the tanks and transfers were used to identify the brand of the stove. Even later the tanks were lacquered and the transfers were put on top of the lacquer. I suspect that Thermidor were the only factory making stoves at that time and they had a stock of assembled stoves. When they got an order for a brand of stove they simply put the correct transfer on the stoves. This saved a lot of multiple stocking of the same product. SH &S (Thermidor) diversified and made Britool tools which were quality products. They also made brass door furniture. I think that they are now part of the Draper industries" Bryan really is very knowledgable about stoves. Best Regards, Kerophile

    The boxes Bryan refers to are not the type used with your stove.

    However,I have seen similar stove boxes to yours, used for Veritas and Thermidor stove. These are probably some of the best stove boxes made as they used heavier gauge tin-plate and resist rust better than most.

    These boxes came in two sizes, the smaller intended for 1-pint stoves, and the larger for 1.75/2 pint collapsible stoves. It may be that your box is the larger size one.

    RM stove are well-made and generally perform well.

    Best Regards,
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  3. Spiritburner

    Spiritburner United Kingdom Admin Subscriber

    Jul 23, 2004
    N.E. England
    I've only seen those tins with Parasene & re-branded Parasene eg Two Tiger stoves.

    Any clues in the remnants of the decal on the lid? Looks like it could be a Two Tiger logo.
  4. Excessieve United Kingdom

    Feb 15, 2011
    kerophile - thanks for the exta information.

    spiritburner - bingo! (I think :shock: ). The decal is in very poor condition ~ It appears to be a black rectangle surrounded by a gold border. The border has 'clipped' corners ~ these corner pieces have horizontal hatching. The border contains 'MADE IN' at the top and 'ENDLAND'* underneath (*This is a presumption - 'AND' is what survives).
    I had initially thought that the black rectangle contained a lion and a mound - a very gentle clean shows definate stripes on both.