Ronson Varaflame Stove

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    Hi there,

    I have several of these Ronson stoves and thought it would be good to post this stove in the Gallery. The Ronson Varaflame stoves were made from the mid 60's through the mid 70's maybe a bit later. Yes, I know this isn't vintage, but it is novel.

    These stoves were made for indoor use. These were mostly used for keeping food, liquids, and things like fondue warm. Now these stove are bloody heavy due to the base plate and pot supports are cast iron. The trivet it steel. This stove weights in at 7 lb 6 oz or 3.35 kg. Yep the weight weenies would like this stove at all, but as already stated this stove is for indoor use. It is fueled with butane lighter fluid so it well put out some heat, but no were as much as a camping stove will so it takes a bit longer to cook anything. I did a tea test, but to be truthful it was an unrealistic test due to me filling my tea kettle with close to 2 liters or whatever my tea kettle will hold. It took about 12 minutes to bring the water to a boil, but it did boil so I had some tea.


    1417376122-DSC00590_opt.jpg 1417376132-DSC00592_opt.jpg 1417376153-DSC00596_opt.jpg 1417376169-DSC00594_opt.jpg 1417376181-DSC00598_opt.jpg 1417376209-DSC00600_opt.jpg 1417376228-DSC00602_opt.jpg 1417376242-DSC00604_opt.jpg 1417376275-DSC00606_opt.jpg 1417376303-DSC00610_opt.jpg 1417376320-DSC00612_opt.jpg 1417376345-DSC00614_opt.jpg 1417376362-DSC00616_opt.jpg 1417376382-DSC00618_opt.jpg 1417376412-DSC00630_opt.jpg

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    Hello Norman, I also have one of these things. They were meant to be a fondue heater, not to make tea. you would heat up the oil and then keep it hot , while cooking your meat. Worked exceptionally well for four people. After that the burner had trouble keeping up with the cold meat pieces dipped into the oil.anyhow, you said you had several sets, I don't know if you are interested in selling one of the burners, mine has lost the hard plastic around the handle, so doesn't look so good anymore. I want to gift the set to my daughter but would like it in good condition. I do not need the heavy part, only the burner. Thanks for your reply, Burkhard

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