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    Aug 6, 2004
    This is how the fettle of my Shinabro 340 ended up.. look back to my February 18-29th post about the soot pattern I was getting from my stove and Kerophile's photos of the same stove in his collection--this will be the follow-up on that..

    After burning the coke out of the tubes and cleaning out the fuel tank I replaced the jet and fired it up--


    We had the first weather warm enough to work outside--50'sF..I gave it two pre-heats with meths just to make sure it was hot enough and it went on the first try---I was getting an uneven burn with yellow flame tips and noticed a leak around the base of the jet---using the jet tool seen on the right I gave it a another quarter turn and fired up again--this time it ran with a good blue flame with a bit of yellow at the did some sputtering for the first few minutes as I assume it was clearing crud out of the burner tubes--I let it run thru a tank of kero and left it outside overnight in a cool rain that came on that evening--I was trying to see if it would work after being exposed to real camping conditions--next day a re-fill of fuel--a pre-heat and it took right off---


    This is going to be an enthusiast level fettle--I'm not going to search around to find the right color paint---a 1966 Austin A60 Saloon??--for the stove box--i just put a drop of oil in the worn spots--I do have all the tools and I gave the stove a good once over with Brasso so that will be the end of it..I would say it all turned out very well--from a kind of klunkey Ebay cheapy to a stove i can trust on camping trips to fire up and run without problems :D
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    Hi Dave. Well done. I am glad you have your stove working well. I told you that the Shinabro is a quality product.
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    May 27, 2006
    =D> =D> Nice one Dave. Glad you got it going again.