Sierra (custom titanium)

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  1. Gokyo

    Dec 12, 2017
    For when I hike on the PCT I generally bring this stove. The whole kit is very light weight. I love that you do not need to bring any extra fuel. I just use pine cone and such that I find around my camp sight. There is a bit of a learning curve. But it is amazing.

    The stove as shipped from the factory is a bit heavy. But I took out all of the steel parts and replaced them with titanium.

    I used a titanium pot set made from snow peak. I also made a custom stand to make the whole thing a bit more stable then the stock set up.

    The stove by itself is about 350 grams. With all the pots and the stove it weighs around 870g. And remember there is no need for extra fuel.

    To make life easier I do bring a small container of zippo lighter fluid to help get things going but it is just for convenience.

    Cutting and drill the titanium was not that easy as I recall.

    IMG_5620.jpeg IMG_5621.jpeg IMG_5622.jpeg IMG_5623.jpeg IMG_5624.jpeg IMG_5625.jpeg IMG_5626.jpeg IMG_5627.jpeg IMG_5628.jpeg IMG_5638.jpeg