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Sirram 'B' Kettle Set

Discussion in 'Marris Ltd - (Sirram)' started by Trojandog, Nov 30, 2012.

  1. Trojandog

    Trojandog United Kingdom Subscriber

    Feb 7, 2011
    East Sussex, UK
    At the time of writing this set is for sale on the UK website 'Gumtree'. The seller has given permission for his photos to be posted on CCS.

    The label on the box states that is a size B22. Two sizes are available:

    B22 - 1 1/2 Pints, Price 6/6 (32p or 51c).
    B24 - 3 Pints, Price 9/6 (47p or 75c.).

    The pint size will be UK Imperial Pints (20fl oz, .57L).

    The pre-decimilisation prices date the set to before Feb 1971.

    Not seen this type of set before. Maybe it wasn't very popular - the kettle is pretty ugly! I don't think that a lot of thought went into the branding - hmm, how about 'Explorer Set'? nah..how about 'Horizons Set'? nah... oooh, oooh, I know, how about 'B'...? Yeah that sounds good.

    1354302345-__KGrHqVHJCUFByqsdEpQBQkqtYoPmQ__48_80_opt.jpg 1354302358-__KGrHqF__rMFB6nUCrU6BQkqrp6wrg__48_80_opt.jpg 1354302378-__KGrHqFHJEYFBknMSrEiBQkqs6JeNw__48_80_opt.jpg 1354302405-__KGrHqJ__p4FCL9z_NeRBQkqsSZedQ__48_80_opt.jpg 1354302425-_T2eC16JHJGkE9no8gJH7BQkqt0rgV___48_80_opt.jpg

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  2. shagratork

    shagratork United Kingdom Moderator Subscriber

    Aug 9, 2005
    Durham City, England
    I also have not seen that "B" Kettle Set before.

    I have a burner case/kettle stand that is similar but not quite the same.

    The set you show has one of the standard meths burners.

    Abstract of Patent 152239

    152,239. Marris, G. S. Dec. 18, 1919. Asbestos pad and like burners.-The casing 1 of a portable spirit stove has a perforated cupped upper rim 2 and a central opening 3 and contains a saturated cotton-wool or like pad 4 covered with a domed gauze cap 5. A space 6 is left between the pad 4 and rim 2. The perforations 7 in the rim 2 allow air to escape when filling the stove and provide auxiliary jet flames during burning.

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