Snow Peak Giga Power White Gas Stove

Discussion in 'Japan' started by idahostoveguy, Apr 12, 2012.

  1. Rickybob United Kingdom Banned

    Mar 25, 2015
    since I borrowed this stove I have never been impressed with the self priming function on the pump
    with the pump dismantled close inspection reveals that the priming device has been jammed on 'run' the whole time and has never worked in 'start' mode

    the notched plunger that should move the wire (BPOTV) has been stuck because of a dry o ring and the pin on the cam had bent over allowing the priming lever to spin a full 360 degrees without actually doing anything

    now I have sorted it out the stove primes much faster on it's original pump

    the plunger on the left now has an oiled o ring and moves as it should in a bore parallel to the pump shaft
    the pin on the cam to the right of picture has been straightened and now operates the plunger as it should

    when working correctly the lever should only turn through 180 degrees between run and start positions

    there seems to be an issue with this pump, where, in use, fuel washes oil off the o ring leaving the plunger prone to sticking
    I would advise anyone with one of these stove to check this before use