SotM (Stove of the Month) February 2020

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    Apologies for the late kick-off for this months SotM. I'll extend it by a week. Here we go - Suitcase Stoves. Minimum of 2 burners, any fuel, tank can fold out or lift out. So that's your classic American camp stove plus a few others that would qualify.

    Post your nomination as a reply to this post.

    The rules.
    • Stove must feature in the Stove Reference Gallery (SRG) with a link posted in the entry. So now's the time to get those stoves photographed & posted! If it's been listed for years already that is ok too.
    • Maximum of 2 pictures in the entry. The pictures must show the stove working & in it's entirety. More pictures can of course be shown in the linked SRG entry - as many as you want!
    • Stove must be presently owned by the member.
    • One entry per member.
    This nominations post will be open for the month of February plus an extra week into March. At midnight GMT 8th March the post will be closed & the qualifying stoves placed in a blind poll for members to vote for. The poll will remain open for 1 week. Most votes is the winner.

    The winner will get a SotM Winner notation on their posts & profile & a £10 voucher code from The Fettlebox

    Good luck & have fun!
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    I’ll get this underway with a maybe unorthodox, possibly unpopular, choice - a gassie! The Selzam Camping Box made in Switzerland.

    In it’s defence it’s old, around 1950 (first produced in 1946) and with some minor fettling when I featured it in the Stove Reference Gallery it still works safely and efficiently. The large butane gas reservoir is rechargeable from a current Camping Gas bottle.


    Designer/manufacturer Paul Selzam and his wife Margrit at a sales event demonstration.