South East Coleman Collectors Spring gathering Hartford Tn April 16-18

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    For any fellow collectors in the southeast United States this is always an epic, fun event. This year should be the biggest and best yet.
    Camping, Good food, fun, buy sale and trade, Coleman outlet set up selling parts etc. good way to mingle and meet fellow collectors.

    Welcome to the SE Coleman Collectors Spring Gathering

    Hartford, TN at Foxfire Campground April 16-18, 2020:

    Foxfire Campground

    3541 Hartford Road

    Hartford, TN 37753

    1 (502)641-5369

    Ok, this is the first email regarding registration for the 2020 gathering. I have gotten most of the PM addresses from the spreadsheet created the last few years so that this would be easier to track. This will be your opportunity to meet, trade, sell, buy and work on GPAs with your fellow experts. There will be an eclectic group of all types of collectors with the parts, items and info that everyone could use in furthering their knowledge, skills and abilities. There will be people from SouthEast Coleman Collectors group and ICCC members attending. Membership is not required and this event is open to everyone.

    I will be taking all reservations for tent camping along the river and in the tent area. This year is going to be different from the past. Since we have been doing the raffle my goal was to present a package deal for all to enjoy. So here it is:

    Tent Camping:

    If you are a single collector coming for tent camping, your cost will be $40 for individual. This will include:

    • Unlimited tent camping
    • T shirt
    • Light up decal
    • regular 5” vinyl event decal
    • free raffle ticket
    • Early-bird Waffle House style breakfast Friday morning ( 9am-until)
    • Tour of Bootleggers Distillery with sampling Friday night (6-8:30p)
    • BBQ dinner Saturday night
    Package deals:

    1. Individual single: $40 and includes above
    2. Couple (Spouse) rate: $55 and includes above plus additional T shirt and raffle ticket
    3. Family rate( Spouse and 2 kids): $65 and includes above plus additional T shirt and 4 raffle tickets (*any additional kids over 15 add $5, additional kids under 15 free)
    There are only a few sites that have power and they are more off by the pavilion. They are first come first serve and I think he has 4, but you can run power cords from the posts and camp around them if needed. This really is a non-power/non-hookup area by the river sites. If you have a tent trailer like an apache or hielite you can camp in the tent area at single tent registration rate, but be advised no hookups down there if you need them.

    RV and Cabin Camping:

    If you make a reservation for a cabin or RV site. Price for package is same as tent campers and you get the 20% off discount on the cabins or RV sites. This is a joint discount from the campground and SECC group. Also, if all the RV sites are reserved and you want to bring in a travel trailer or RV, we have negotiated to allow them in the tent area on the far end where the new sites were added at the package cost. If you are pulling a travel trailer or have an RV, you will have to reserve a trailer spot with hookups through Reese or Deb at Foxfire. There are applicable taxes and fees that come with the site cost that he will have to take care of. Same goes for the cabin rentals, you will have to reserve them through Foxfire. However, you will get a 20% discount with the group with package deal.

    FAQs: What if you want more t shirts, decals, or want to bring a food item to share.

    • Extra 5” vinyl Decal $4 ea. or 3 decals for $10
    • Extra T shirt: Small- XXL $15 ea.
    • Extra light up decals if needed will be provided.
    • Raffle Tickets: $3ea. 4 for $10, and 10 for $20.
    • Want to bring a dish or dessert to Saturday night dinner? No worries, food will be provided, but ok if you want to and greatly appreciated.

    Starting 1/15/2020, I will be taking reservations for the tent campers. (RV and cabin will have to go thru Foxfire.) You can reply to CCF or PM me in Facebook events page. I will need to know the following:

    1. How many nights you plan on staying
    2. Package deal you want (Individual, Couple or Family +)
    3. T Shirt size
    4. Any extra items such as T shirts or decals.
    5. If you want to attend the Bootleggers tour (included)
    6. If you will be attending the Early Bird Breakfast (included)
    7. If you will be attending the Meal on Saturday night. (included)
    8. Prepay preferred PAYPAL Friends and Family, but can pay if needed at registration when arrive.
    9. Prepay will help with ordering T shirts, decals, and head counts for tour and food.
    11. PayPal info:
    When you arrive, I will have registration hours set (TBA). You just come to the registration and pick up your package bag. Inside will be everything you ordered along with an itinerary. It’s that easy. If you want to purchase additional raffle tickets at time of registration, you can. If for some reason you can’t attend, no need for refund. We will mail your Gathering Swag Bag to you. But you won’t want to miss this gathering for the world.

    Why the change?

    So let me explain: We have over the years we paying $7 night per person for tent campers, however, rates over the years have increased to $9 per person per night. NOTE: THIS YEAR WILL NOT HAVE PORTAPOTTIES. (The company lost the contract in the county, and it had become very expensive for 3 in the tent area to have someone outside to come in.)RV and Cabin campers did not get a discounted rate and paid full price. Then you had to pay for t shirt if you wanted one, decals, etc. if you wanted extra…So this year with the help of the Raffle contributions, I was able to negotiate a flat rate and create a package deal that would benefit all to include swag along with your camping. Because we have the flat rate, we can create the package deal. This package deal now will be how we can move forward each year and sustain our group.

    As an example, I usually camp from Wednesday to Sunday that week. At the Foxfire rate of $9, I would be paying $36 for just the camping and nothing else. Then I bought a t shirt at $20, some decals at $5 and had to cover my meals. All said and done, I had a great week and spent more. But I would have like to spend more on items provided by the group. Now with a package deal, you can. We control getting more bang for your buck and you get some great Swag. I can answer any questions, because I know a few will have some. THAT IS NOT A BOTHER AND THAT IS WHAT I AM HERE FOR SO DO NOT HESITATE TO ASK ME ANYTHING.

    Early Bird Breakfast and Saturday night BBQ:

    As we have done in the past, we have had a Waffle House style breakfast and last fall we catered the food for the Saturday night dinner. The Crooks Brothers have stated they will be heading up the breakfast and The Akers Brothers will be heading up the Dinner.

    Breakfast is breakfast…eggs, hash-browns, sausage and bacon. Liver mush will be added to the menu for the Western North Carolinians.

    The Dinner…we are planning on BBQ Pork Shoulders and Chicken, Baked Beans, Potato salad, Bread, coleslaw, (maybe air fry a turkey too) Sweet tea or Lemonade. I think Banana Pudding is on the dessert list. Feel free to bring an item to add. We have taken care of plates, flatware and cups.


    The raffle now will have choice items as well as donated items. So far I have obtained the following for the raffle:

    • 134 lamp
    • 143 lamp
    • 152 lamp
    • 139 lamp with 355 globe
    • Kamp-kook #3 stove complete with funnel and pump
    • Coleman 282 Duel Fuel/ Camping Gaz Euro single mantle Lantern
    • Coleman 550 Duel Fuel/ Kero Euro single burner stove
    • SVEA 123 with Optimus pump
    • More to be added….
    Gathering and Buy/Sell/Trade area:

    The gathering will take place all day Saturday and due to size of pavilion and amount of attendees, we are going to add a Catering Tent to the pavilion as a Sales Area. This is in case of inclement weather and I will be bringing tables. If you have a table, feel free to bring it and set it up. You don’t have to set up under the tent, but one thing that hampered buying, selling and trading was the weather and being spaced out. Most of the time your stuff was covered and could be browsed upon. This way we have a central location and there will be people at the pavilion area pretty much the entire time watching over the area. If you have a table, I will make a name plate with phone number in case anyone comes up to peruse and you aren’t there. That way you don’t miss out. I plan on setting up my registration there so that I can check people in as they arrive.

    Coleman Events and Outreach have committed to have the Coleman Outlet Store in attendance with merchandise for sale from the outlet. They brought hats, t-shirts, gennies, mantles, coolers and other items to the Fall Gathering which saved attendees from having to travel to the outlet for items. Not sure if it’s going to be Pigeon Forge or Commerce store.

    Light up:

    Light up will take place after dark Saturday night Time is TBA. We will start at the crossroads in the campsites and we will “Walk the lane” gathering everyone as we go. We will walk through the RV and cabin sites and down to the pavilion for the group picture.

    After that, it’s GPA light up “free for all” throughout the campground.

    Reply to this email for registration through CCF. PM me at “coolfireguy”. I will also be checking the FB events page for registration. If I send you a PM and you can’t attend, please let me know so I can remove you from the spreadsheet. Later, a “Wants and Needs” list will be started in the thread so that people will know what to bring.

    Thank you and thank you for your support,

    Scott Seely


    ICCC 1394

    Events Committee Co Chairman

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    Looks like it will be one of the best ever this year.

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    This event has been canceled.