Standard Model "C" Silent Burner

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    Jun 25, 2008
    Here's a Thermidor fixed legger:


    It has it's tank transfers mostly intact:

    1239790368-P4140007_opt.jpg 1239790392-P4140008_opt.jpg 1239790405-P4140009_opt.jpg

    This is a well used example so I have decided to keep it "honest" and not to try to tart it up beyond stablilising rust on the legs and the pan ring as I don't want to risk ruining the transfers.

    The stove has retained it's original outer cap (I assume the inner is original as well):


    Here's it's rather more scruffy Roarer brother:


    Somewhere along the way this has acquired a Radius burner that appears too small for the height of the legs (you can't really see that in the picture).

    Here's the Silent version in action (the roarer model is still being a little recalcitrant):


    Looking at the Thermidor brochure in the Catalogue section it appears there were a variety of filler caps available. Both my examples have the super deluxe "42" part that is a combined filler cap, pressure release, and safety pressure release valve. The picture below shows both assembled and disassembled filler caps for reference. Was a bit of a tease to work out how to disassemble the piece so this might prove to be a useful reference if anyone else comes across one:

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