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    I do not find that to show in other forums that I use. People are generally responsible and respectful of the content.
    I know that it is up to the owner. Just stating my opinion.
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    It’s of course as Ed, and also Tony, pointed out.
    Just report the problem, and we will fix it.
    If it's a change that don't make the rest of the discussion loose its context, of course (which, as already been pointed out, is one of the main reasons for the editing time limit).
    And the odd mis-spelling is hardly a big deal as long as they don't confuse, so surely they can remain in many cases. But if we spot them, we generally correct them. It goes on all the time without you noticing it, especially with titles which we think should be correctly spelled regarding the brand names and models.
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    Catalogues & Parts Lists - Subscribers Area
    Vintage catalogues & brochures, essential material for the stove historian & researcher. As well as parts info in many of the catalogues, this section also includes dedicated parts info sheets.

    For "Suggestion Box": That a notice be added to Subscribers Area along lines of
    Please do not copy images from this section and post elsewhere.
    I KNOW from multiple prev. discussions, mostly private years ago, that membership (incl. Mods / Admin) were divided on the copying of images (or not) from Subscribers area. FWIW imo all parts lists should also be in Subscribers Area. I am just one member.

    I myself, PREFER to link to reference/answer with note "...subscription needed" (mindful that for our fantastic ref. site... subscriptions = needed FUNDING to maintain the site, at times barely covers costs / is short).

    Homepage, in-general, includes:
    Articles & Images are property & copyright of CCS or original contributor. All printed material reproduced with permission where applicable.
    It is the aim of this website to provide & share information but

    please do not take items or articles from this site for publication elsewhere without permission.

    ".. for publication"... would this apply to ebay listings?

    There has been open criticism when images are used on ebay, for example but no concern (i'm aware of) relocating inhouse/onsite.
    YET, once subscriber images are posted in non-subscriber section:
    a simple google search (anyone/anytime/anywhere on the planet) and CCS "subscriber reference details" are easily copied... too easy, imo.

    I consider reliable ref. content to be the life blood of CCS, "...collectors told, check on CCS", the online resource for stovies.
    Without putting any checks at all on this copying, do we have death by 1000 cuts ongoing?
    Or am i making something out of nothing?
    My suggestion is in bold above.

    As mentioned opinions were divided on this, i DO expect excellent differing points, i share my subscriber concern, is it worthy of discussion :-k ?

    Re differing points: IE $9 for 1-time access for 1 detail, for person never heard from again is not w/o it's downside (site HAS BEEN, welcoming & helpful as a rule, maybe even rule #1).
    That and same, 1-time, say i link to ref. section, then person does not find the detail they need after subscribing. I've been there, done that on other sites... Seems more common as of late and not a good experience (join/register/subscribe to a site, seeking answer(s), then come up empty ](*,)).

    Is "1-time access" practical? (or 1 day)
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    It's pretty much up to Ross, I think.