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    @igh371 Ian,
    One given we might try to build-on:
    > the 25 is the predecessor to the 35.

    Although you provided (in 2014) an early No.25 vs a No.35 comparison, as it turns out, it seems to be the most comprehensive account of model 25 details:
    Svea No.25 1920s (for those interested you want to keep his thread open in another tab).
    So yeah, as it turns out, (only with hindsight) the noted differences happened during the No. 25 production run (early 25 vs next vs late 25s).
    I must make clear almost all the 25s have posted AFTER your 2014 comments.

    I guess i begin with 3-part question to Ian:
    A1 Re your Svea 25 linked above it's right to say "...the first incarnation of Svea's parabolic reflector heater stove." from what we've seen yours is the earliest version, would you agree?
    If yes.. Progress!! re No 25 production run bookends.
    A2 it also seems to be "... ...the first incarnation of Svea's ..." discus tank, from what we've seen, would you agree? [if yes, how cool is that, now i want one ].
    [it will not surprise me if details emerge indicative that the 106 discus was being developed at nearly the same time.. using the same tank ]
    B. I gather yours is the only one like it (so far). As a 1 and only, do you think the filler cap is likely original?

    I've not yet conformed for certain but your 25 tank seems to match the 106 (& 105).
    How it differs from all other 25s (and is a match to 106):
    > filler cap
    > does NOT have sunken filler tube
    > pump tube size and situ
    > reserve lid (i presume your 25 has pump knob/reserve lid?)
    > appears, tank side of tank-to-rizer has small male fitting, fine thread (vs all other 25s appear to have large female, course thread)

    We see 25s do not all have "the same" tank but I'll note all are discus tanks with external NRV, which in itself, is a rare combination as well.

    Tentative production run bookends for the 25:
    begin (yours?): can we rule out pre-1920? (No 25 not present 1915/16).
    end: should we rule out early 30s?
    35 appears in "1930s" catalog (catalog might be: early 30s? or mid/late 30s?).

    To aid anyone that might want to review 25s in gallery...
    hiddenhider: Svea No 25 , Motoshi: SVEA No.25 rare! , Thumper: SVEA 25 ,
    BrassMonkey: SVEA 25 , Garth: Svea 25

    Confession time: I don't regret initiating the discussion (in stove forum) but myself, not sure if there's much more i can offer and time is limited, carry on.
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    I think answer to that one is a definite 'yes', we can rule out pre-1920 and indeed earliest years of the 1920s too. There are no known examples of a 'No.25' with the fabulous 'bubble writing' font on the tank that was in use in the years immediately before and after 1920 and earlier.