Svea No.111 late 1930s

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    This stove is radically different to the 2 other Svea No.111s currently in the gallery (see links from here). Those are for the original '111' which featured in the 1915 catalogue as an internal NRV budget 2 pint roarer. This is still a 2 pint roarer but from at least 20 years later and with a steel tank. So rather than being lighter than the standard No.1, this is actually heavier!

    All of the features of the tank and fitments, starting with the reprofiled recessed filler placement, are consistent with a post 1934 date. The burner, pressed trivet, filler cap etc all fit with a late 1930s date. So was this a resurrection of the '111' budget concept after a period of absence, but now with the steel tank as the main cost saving feature?

    DSC09921.JPG DSC09920.JPG DSC09922.JPG DSC09923.JPG DSC09924.JPG DSC09927.JPG DSC09928.JPG DSC09926.JPG


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    Hi, Ian!

    This is a new one on me, my friend. Very nice SVEA, and in very good condition, too. I can’t help buy notice the similarities to a pair of SVEA Companion stoves I own, from Down Under. The SVEA stoves are amongst the most lovely, to my eyes, and I love their engravings. Thanks for sharing this one, and for the photos! Congrats on getting it, and God Bless!

    Every Good Wish,