The new Governor 1920-30's

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    Hi all

    Does anyone know whether this burner head is original to this stove, with the numbers on the burner nut.
    Also, I know nothing about Patent Numbers, but as can be seen in the picture, this has got Patent Applied For, around the pump screw/thingy.
    Would this have been made, prior to the Patent being granted ?
    I think the whole design of the pump was dropped very quickly, the steel shaft rubs on the brass screw/thingy, has worn the thread, but none the less it works.
    As can be seen the original spirit cup and ignitor has passed its sell by date.

    Details of the stove can be found on this internal link :

    1302007229-IMG_1718_opt.jpg 1302007245-IMG_1719_opt.jpg 1302007259-IMG_1720_opt.jpg 1302007286-IMG_1721_opt.jpg 1302007309-IMG_1724_opt.jpg 1302007328-IMG_1725_opt.jpg 1302007357-IMG_1717_opt.jpg 1302007380-IMG_1731_opt.jpg 1302007406-IMG_1729_opt.jpg 1302007438-IMG_1734_opt.jpg 1302007464-IMG_1733_opt.jpg 1302007501-IMG_1732_opt.jpg 1302007533-IMG_1727_opt.jpg 1302007560-IMG_1738_opt.jpg
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    Hi Ian, an interesting British stove and a great fettle. I like the flame-shot.
    Best Regards,