Tilley Titan Grill (repost)

Discussion in 'Stove Forum' started by Keir, Jun 13, 2019.

  1. Keir United Kingdom

    Jun 7, 2019
    Reposted from the Fettling Forum as I maybe put the original in the wrong place, hope that's ok.

    I have a high pressure Tilley Titan stove, bought last year, it's had a fairly hard life so I've straightened up the bent bits and given it a good clean. All's well apart from the grill. It lights & burns fine, but the heat from the grill is far from even so I was wondering if this is something that can be fixed.
    The perforated / corrugated steel sheet above the grill burner was quite distorted so I've put that back into shape as best I can. The problem seems to come from one corner of the burner which for some reason has a wider mesh than the rest of the burner. From looking at a friend's stove which works fine, this is normal but on mine the flame is a lot larger so anything under that corner gets burnt. I got some stainless mesh at the same pitch as the rest of the burner and put that over the wider meshed corner but the flame just get bigger further along the grill... When I got the stove, it came with a steel sheet that's been cut to fit over the top of the grill, maybe the previous owner had that made, or maybe it's a normal feature?
    Any thoughts welcome.